SOIVRE inspection services of the Territorial and Provincial Trade Directorates

SOIVRE Inspection Services at designated points for CITES Foreign Trade operations

In these Services you can make requests for CITES and NON-CITES DIESAC.

Address Telephone Fax
Algeciras SOIVRE Territorial Trade Directorate Muelle Juan Carlos I s/n. 11207 ALGECIRAS 956587426 956631981
Alicante SOIVRE Provincial Trade Directorate Este Building. First floor, CD 2. Alicante Port. IFCM 03001 ALICANTE 965985213 965125452
Barcelona SOIVRE Territorial Trade Directorate Vía Augusta nº 197-199, Attic. 08021 BARCELONA 932027171 932027158
Bilbao SOIVRE Territorial Trade Directorate Alameda de Mazarredo nº 31 48009 BILBAO 944355005 944233483
Las Palmas SOIVRE Territorial Trade Directorate El Guinchete, s/n 35071 LAS PALMAS DE GRAN CANARIAS 928471280 928462443
Madrid SOIVRE Territorial Trade Directorate Pº Castellana 162, Eighth floor Madrid 28046 913498749 913498750
Madrid (Barajas airport) SOIVRE Territorial Trade Directorate General Administrative Services Building. "Air Cargo Terminal" Avda. central s/n, ground floor, sites 4 and 5 28042 MADRID 917462690 913293698
Málaga DSOIVRE Provincial Trade Directorate Port Maritime Terminal nº 1 29001 MÁLAGA 952122601 952226242
Palma de Mallorca SOIVRE Territorial Trade Directorate Muelle Viejo nº 17, second floor 07012 PALMA DE MALLORCA 971214525 971714847
Seville SOIVRE Territorial Trade Directorate Avda. Santa Clara de Cuba nº 4, units 13 and 14 41007 SEVILLE 954260574 954254910
Tenerife SOIVRE Territorial Trade Directorate C/ General Gutiérrez nº 1, fourth floor 38003 SANTA CRUZ DE TENERIFE 922534113 922246836
Valencia SOIVRE Territorial Trade Directorate Muelle del Turia s/n. Engineering Building, first floor 46024 VALENCIA 963509045 963519142
Vigo SOIVRE Territorial Trade Directorate Maritime Station. Muelle de trasatlánticos s/n 36202 Vigo (Pontevedra) 986441610 986225640

Inspection Services SOIVRE Collaborators

In these Services, NON CITES DIESAC can be issued, but the customs clearance of CITES goods is NOT allowed.

Address Telephone Fax
Almería Provincial Trade Directorate and ICEX Delegation Muelle de Poniente, s/n. TIR/PIF Station. Port of Almeria. 04001 Almeria 950281690 950258548
Badajoz SOIVRE Extremadura Territorial Trade Directorate C/ Luis Álvarez Lencero nº 3, seventh floor, door 7 06011 Badajoz 924229212 924239652
Burgos SOIVRE Provincial Trade Directorate Avda. Reyes Católicos nº 22 09005 Burgos 947256811 947250442
Cádiz Algeciras (SOIVRE) Provincial Trade Directorate República Argentina, 2, 1º D 11004 Cádiz 956210044 956223607
Cartagena (Murcia) Cartagena Territorial Trade Directorate Multi-service Building. Paseo de Santa Lucía s/n. Muelle de Santa Lucía Cartagena 30202 (Murcia) 968271649 968271649
Castellón Dirección Provincial de Comercio - Muelle Serrano Lloberes S/N. Muelle Transversal (Oficinas junto a Nave Frigorífico), Planta 3. Puerto Comercial de Castellón.  12100 El Grao de Castellón 964286725 964284152
A Coruña SOIVRE Provincial Trade Directorate Calle Alameda, 30-32, third floor 15003 A CORUÑA 981217160 981208558
Figueras-Vilamalla (Girona) SOIVRE Provincial Trade Directorate Av. Europa s/n. SECFISA Building 17469 Vilamalla (Girona) 972527296 972525538
Gandía (Valencia) SOIVRE Provincial Trade Directorate South Port Area s/n 46730 Grao de Gandia 962954611 962875728
Gijón (Asturias) SOIVRE Territorial Trade Directorate C/ Libertad nº 10, tenth floor, door C 33206 Gijón (Asturias) 985176014 985357159
Granada Dirección SOIVRE Provincial Trade Directorate C/ Mesones nº 26, third floor 18001 958536587 958257109
Huelva SOIVRE Provincial Trade Directorate José Leandro Muñoz, "Pepe Pirfo", 6 21001 Huelva 959541478 959255622
Imarcoain-Pamplona (Navarra) SOIVRE Pamplona Territorial Trade Directorate Ciudad del Transporte C/ Río Elorz nº 12, first floor 31119 Imarcoain (Navarra) 948314208 948314277
Irún (Guipuzcoa) SOIVRE Provincial Trade Directorate Avda Iparralde s/n. Kostorbe Building 20300 Irún (Guipuzcoa) 943638343 943630076
Murcia SOIVRE Territorial Trade Directorate C/ Fernando Alonso Navarro nº 4. MBC Building. Modules D and E 30009 Murcia 968271649 968242730
Santander (Cantabria) SOIVRE Territorial Trade Directorate C/ Juan de Herrera, 19 - sixth floor left 39001 Santander (Cantabria) 942367601 942211560
Tarragona SOIVRE Provincial Trade Directorate Plaza Imperial Tarraco nº 4, fifth floor 43005 Tarragona 977251983 977237208
Valladolid SOIVRE Territorial Trade Directorate Pza. Milenio, thirteenth floor 47014 Valladolid 983360340 983343767
Zaragoza SOIVRE Territorial Trade Directorate C/ Albareda nº 18, second floor 50004 Zaragoza 976482830 976214115

Central Services

Address any queries from other national Administrations or from other countries to:

Sub-Directorate General for Inspection, Certification and Technical Assistance of Foreign Trade

General Directorate of Trade Policy

Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism

  • Paseo de la Castellana 162, 6th floor 28046 Madrid
  • Tel: 0034 - 913493771
  • Fax: 0034 - 913493777