Preliminary Import permit


This permit is not a valid import permit; however, it is required by the exporting or re-exporting country for the purpose of submitting an application for a CITES export or re-export permit/certificate for specimens of wild species listed in Appendix I of the CITES Convention. The Preliminary Import Permit is a guarantee that the importing country will accept the import of the specimen(s) concerned. Once the CITES export/re-export document has been issued, the holder of the preliminary permit will be able to duly apply for the definitive Import Permit.

Its issue is regulated by Article III, paragraph 2, d) of the CITES Convention, and by Article 4, paragraph 1, of Regulation (EC) 338/97.

The application form for this permit (model shown in Annex I of Regulation (EC) 865/2006) uses the same set of five forms that is used for import permits:

  • original (Form number 1); grey.
  • copy for holder (Form number 2); yellow.
  • copy to be returned to the exporting/re-exporting country (Form number 3); green.
  • copy for the issuing authority (Form number 4); pink.
  • application form to be completed by applicant (Form number 5); white.

A preliminary import permit is valid for a maximum of one year, as from the date of issue, during which time an application may be submitted in the country of origin/source country to export/re-export the goods concerned. If the preliminary import permit has expired without having being used, it shall no longer be valid and should be returned to the issuing CITES Management Authority.

Application Requirements

In this case, the only requirement is to submit the application form indicating the purpose of the goods to be imported. This type of permit does not require payment of any CITES fees.

Download application form.