Import notification


The issuing and use of import notifications is referred to in Article 4, paragraphs 3 and 4, of Regulation (EC ) 338/97.

The form for this document (model shown in Annex II of Regulation (EC) 865/2006) is a set of two forms:

  • original (Form number 1); white.
  • copy for importer (Form number 2); yellow.

Application requirements

An Import Notification does not require authorization prior to goods entering the EU. The form should be completed by the importer (or his/her authorized agent or representative) at the time of introduction of specimens of species included in Annexes C and D of Regulation (EC) 338/97.

In the case of specimens of species listed in Annex C, a further document is required to prove the origin of the goods (CITES permit/certificate, or certificate of origin issued by the CITES Management Authority in the exporting country, whichever is appropriate). Specimens of species included in Annex D require no additional documents.

There is no CITES fee for this type of document.

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Customs and Inspection Procedures

When goods are imported directly to Spain, once the shipment has arrived, and prior to Customs clearance, an application for inspection should be submitted to one of the 12 SOIVRE Inspection Services at the Territorial and Provincial Directorates for Trade, using the Protected Species Inspection Form (DIEP).

Customs will keep the CITES permit/certificate, or the certificate of origin from the country of origin, and will endorse box 14 on the Import Notification form, returning the "copy for importer" form to the importer.