Scientific Authority

Spain has only one CITES Scientific Authority: the Directorate General for the Natural Environment, Environmental Quality and Assessment, at the Ministry of Agriculture and fisheries, Food, and the Environment. One of its main functions is to make findings, at the request of the primary CITES Management Authority, on the following matters:

  • Conservation of species in their natural habitat: relative to applications to import specimens of species listed in Annex A or B of Regulation (EC) 338/97, and applications to export or re-export specimens of species listed in Annex A, B, or C of the aforementioned Regulation.
  • Conditions to be met by the facilities that are to house live specimens of species listed in Annex A of Regulation (EC) 338/97: relative to applications to import or transport specimens to designated housing facilities within the EU.
  • Purpose and characteristics of such facilities: relative to the definitive transfer of seized specimens.

The CITES Scientific Authorities from EU countries also meet regularly at the EU Scientific Review Group (SRG) to evaluate the conservation status of species in their natural environments. Accordingly, they make non-detriment findings, based on negative or positive opinions, regarding import permit applications submitted in EU Member States, which findings should be uniformly applied by the latter. In some cases, the adoption of long-term negative findings is formalized by means of an EU Regulation to suspend imports into the EU of certain species originating from specific countries.

Further details of the functions of the Scientific Review Group, and summaries of the opinions issued by the SRG can be found on the Commission's website (in English only).

Contact information for the Spanish Scientific Authority:

Subdirección General de Medio Natural

Dirección General de Calidad y Evaluación Ambiental y Medio Natural

Ministerio de Agricultura y pesca, Alimentación y Medio Ambiente

Pza. San Juan de la Cruz s/n

28071 Madrid

Tel: 0034 - 915975593

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