Primary Management Authority

The Directorate General for Trade Policy and Competitiveness has been designated the primary Management Authority, in accordance with the provisions of Article IX of the CITES Convention. Within the scope of the EU, the aforementioned DG acts as primary Management Authority, as provided by Article 13.1.a) of Council Regulation (EC) 338/97 of 9th December 1996.

Accordingly, its functions include:

  • To officially represent Spain to other Party countries and to the CITES Secretariat.
  • To represent Spain to the Committee on Trade in Wild Fauna and Flora that was established to assist the Commission in its work, according to Article 18 of Regulation (EC) 338/97.
  • To maintain official correspondence at governmental and departmental levels.
  • To process and authorize, where appropriate, any import, export, and re-export applications received by the SOIVRE Inspection Service of the Territorial and Provincial Directorates for Trade (SOIVRE – Official Service for Inspection, Supervision and Regulation of Exports), and duly perform any necessary controls and inspections.
  • To prepare the Annual and Biennial Reports that provide the trade data required under the CITES Convention relating to specimens of species included in the Annexes to Regulation (EC) 338/97.

The functions assigned to the CITES Management Authority are performed by Central Support Services located in Madrid (Subdirectorate General for Inspection, Certification, and Technical Assistance in Foreign Trade), and through a network of 33 Territorial and Provincial Directorates for Trade – specifically, through the SOIVRE Inspection Services, which form part of the Directorate General for International Trade and Investment at the Secretariat for Trade, Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.

Although CITES documents can be obtained through any of the SOIVRE Inspection Services, imports, exports and re-exports involving CITES-listed species have to be customs cleared at one of the EU authorized CITES entry/export points, i.e., Border Inspection Posts (BIPs). In Spain, control and inspection of CITES goods are implemented at BIPs by 12 of the SOIVRE Inspection Services from the Territorial and Provincial Directorates for Trade.

The 12 authorized inspection posts for clearance of CITES goods are shown on the map below:


CITES-listed timber species may also be Customs cleared at Vigo, Marín, Villagarcía de Arosa, and Santander where, although they do not issue CITES documents, the Territorial and Provincial Directorates for Trade are able to carry out inspections and verification of documents.

The primary CITES Management Authority is also responsible for control and inspection of captive-breeding of CITES specimens, and for assisting other Authorities engaged in the enforcement of CITES regulations such as:

  • Nature Protection Service of the Spanish Civil Guard (SEPRONA).
  • Customs Surveillance Service.
  • Customs Services.
  • Courts and Tribunals.
  • Other local and regional authorities.