Species under Control Inspection Document

The Species under Control Inspection Document (known as DIESAC in Spain), regulated by the Resolution of 29 November 2016 , of the Directorate General for International Trade and Investment, appointing the Territorial and Provincial Directorates for Trade that issue the permits and certificates laid down in the Regulation (CE) 338/97 of the Council, of 9 December 1996 on the protection of wild flora and fauna by regulating trade therein, and regulates the automated electronic processing of control documents, is the document whereby the SOIVRE Inspection Services at the Territorial and Provincial Directorates for Trade confirm Customs Services and other relevant authorities whether the import, export, or re-export goods contain, or might contain specimens of the species listed in the Appendices of the CITES Convention, or in the EU Annexes of the Regulation (EC) 338/97.

When goods arrive at a Spanish Customs post, Customs Services will require this document from the importer, exporter, or re-exporter, in order to confirm that the goods correspond to the CITES specimens shown on the required CITES documents submitted at the EU entry or exit point.

This Inspection Document can also be used to prove to Customs Services that the specimens contained in a shipment are not protected by the CITES Convention, or by applicable EU Regulations.

The commercial operator, or its authorized agent, is responsible for providing details of the owner of the goods, and likewise, for providing a full description of the goods to be imported, exported, or re-exported. A SOIVRE inspector will physically inspect the goods and/or examine any accompanying documents, and subsequently confirm whether the provisions of the EU Regulations are applicable to the goods.

Application Requirements

The application form can be downloaded here.

Please note:

The application form —in PDF format— can be completed, saved, printed out, and submitted to any of the SOIVRE Inspection Services.

  • The document comprises three pages: copy for Customs; copy for applicant; copy for the SOIVRE Inspection Services.
  • Mandatory fields are: Provincial or Territorial Directorate for Trade where the application form will be submitted; type of operation, i.e., import, export, or re-export; description of goods; scientific name of species concerned; applicant's name; date of application.
  • Applicants must remember to sign the three pages of the form.
  • The SOIVRE Inspection Services will confirm the results of the inspection by signing and stamping the relevant boxes on the three pages of the form.

Hard copies of the form are also available free-of-charge from the Territorial and Provincial Directorates for Trade where the SOIVRE Inspection Services are located.